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This initiative is sponsored by GII (Group of Italian Professors of Computer Engineering), GRIN (Group of Italian Professors of Computer Science), and SCIE (Spanish Computer-Science Society). For details about the rating algorithm and the process, see the Conference Rating description page.

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Class 1 A++, A+ 35 + 40 = 75 conferences excellent, top notch conferences
Class 2 A, A- 79 + 78 = 157 conferences very good events
Class 3 B, B- 187 + 132 = 319 conferences events of good quality
- Work in Progress 1811 conferences work in progress

In December 2023, the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE), the Spanish Computer Science Society (SCIE), and the Italian Societies on Computer Engineering (GII) and Computer Science (GRIN) signed a collaboration agreement that enables the Italian and Spanish societies to participate in a more active form in the current CORE Conference Ranking initiative to make it a more international joint action, broaden its scope in terms of topics, extend its coverage of conferences, and facilitate the governance and evaluation process by sharing responsibilities and financial support.

The new collaborative ranking is called "International-CORE Conference Ranking'' (ICORE). This ranking is a continuation of the CORE ranking that maintains its contents and structure, complementing it (as soon as possible) with an additional area that covers computer engineering topics that are currently under-represented in CORE but are relevant to GGS societies, such as embedded systems and computer architecture. For this new area, ICORE will maintain the current policies, procedures, and tools used by CORE, as their effectiveness and rigour have been key to the current reputation and recognition of the CORE classification.

Visit the current iCORE conference dabatabase at ICORE Conference Portal.