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Download The GGS Conference Rating 2017 (Excel .xlsx file) - last updated: June, 1st 2017

This initiative is sponsored by GII (Group of Italian Professors of Computer Engineering), GRIN (Group of Italian Professors of Computer Science), and SCIE (Spanish Computer-Science Society). For details about the rating algorithm and the process, see the Conference Rating description page.

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Class Sample: 1 or 2 or 3
Rating Sample: A++ or A+ or A or A- or B or B-
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Class Ratings Size Description
Class 1 A++, A+ 34 + 39 = 73 conferences excellent, top notch conferences
Class 2 A, A- 85 + 84 = 169 conferences very good events
Class 3 B, B- 273 + 145 = 418 conferences events of good quality
- Work in Progress 1573 conferences work in progress