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This initiative was sponsored by GII (Group of Italian Professors of Computer Engineering) and GRIN (Group of Italian Professors of Computer Science). The goal is to develop a unified rating of computer science conferences. The process is organized in two stages. At Stage 1 a joint committee of GII and GRIN members was asked to put together a rating algorithm based on well-known, existing international classifications. During Stage 2 the rating generated by the algorithm will be submitted to the two communities (GII and GRIN), to be revised and corrected based on their feedbacks. This site reports the result of Stage 1 of the process. For details about the rating algorithm, see the Conference Rating 2015 description page.

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Name Sample: *int*conf*data*
Acronym Sample: vldb or *ubi*
Class Sample: 1 or 2 or 3
Rating Sample: A++ or A+ or A or A- or B or B-
Collected Ratings Sample: A++, A++, A++ or A+, A, A
Class Ratings Size Description
Class 1 A++, A+ 34 + 32 = 66 conferences excellent, top notch conferences
Class 2 A, A- 84 + 88 = 172 conferences very good events
Class 3 B, B- 215 + 153 = 368 conferences events of good quality
- W 2602 conferences work in progress